What is 'One Million School Bags' Challenge

Education is the foundation of a child’s life. It is what drives them to grow with wisdom and intelligence and it requires the right tools. However, school supplies are costly and for many parents of government primary school going children in India, buying a school bag with supplies something they cannot afford. Charitnation 'One Million School Bag Challenge' under its 'Children Education and Literacy Initiative' is a step towards making their school journey just and beautiful for one million kids.

Come and promise them a future

in just 500/- INR (Indian National Rupees)

When we donate a school bag with supplies, we help children continue their studies, acquire knowledge and skills. In addition, when children have access to education, their chances of going to college in the future are greater and that can lead them to success as skilled professionals in the job market.

Remember that the children of today are our future. They need the best the world can offer, starting with quality education! The least we can do for our future leaders is to set them up for success and ensure they can fulfill their basic needs. 

You can make a difference!

What this school bag contain?

2 Pencil Boxes

2 Glue Sticks

1 Pencil box

2 Erasers

2 Sharpners

1 Scale 

1 Crayon Box

1 Water Color Pallet with Brush

1 Sketch Pen Pack

1 Compass 

1 Protactor

1 Clip Board 

1 Drawing File 

1 Pens Packet 10 Pens

3 Note Books (English, Hindi, Math)

3 Long Registers

1 Water Bottle 

1 Lunch Box

1 School Bag

1 Book of Moral Stories

Some candies to cheer them