Mercedes-Benz owners come forward to support Charitnation humanitarian efforts during Lockdown

Mercedes-Benz Owners support Charitnation

Immediately after the lockdown was put in India to stop the spread of corona virus, Team Charitnation started going out to support daily wagers, migrant workers and extremely vulnerable people with daily food supplies.

Pradeep Singh, a Mercedes-Benz Owner Support Charitnation

Many supporters and volunteers came forward to support and engage with us in our humanitarian efforts. One of the good samaritan with a good heart Pradeep Singh came forward and offered not only financial support but also his Mercedes-Benz to carry dry food supplies for delivery and after that many followed.

Athar Parvez is another Mercedes-Benz owner, who is supporting Charitnation humanitarian efforts

another gentleman Athar Parvez also supporting our efforts during this extreme difficult time for many people, who are stuck in Covid-19 Pandemic.


I am myself love the brand Mercedes-Benz and the proud owners are living up to the brand image with a single thought the 'If we have, why not share with the one's who don't'

Amit Sachdeva

Founder and Managing Trustee


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