How it all got started?

Charitnation founder Amit Sachdeva with his newly born daughter Kalyani in New York City
Amit Sachdeva with his daughter Kalyani

I almost lost my wife during the birth of my daughter Kalyani recently, we were travelling to United States on business trip and during that time my wife went into labor. Let me tell you the feeling of losing someone you love the most is the hardest thing in the world to deal with. Its suffering of the worst kind and despite having achieved everything in life I felt so empty and helpless at that moment. I realized there is nothing in our hands and I immediately lost the purpose of my life.

When reflecting, it seemed like I had just been on an autopilot; blindly navigating my way through life, oblivious as to where it was heading or whether it was the right life for me. Conscientiously and deliberately following the societal ‘norms’ to which we are indoctrinated from a young age.

Finish school, choose a vocation, get married, buy a house, have children, get a dog, excel in your career so on and so forth. Apparently, this was what success and happiness looked like. Interestingly, all external or self-centered notions. There was nothing in there about living a life filled with purpose, compassion, generosity, and gratitude. Nothing about feeding your heart and soul.

I asked myself, there has to be more, but what? Here I was a lost, confused, unhappy but a successful’ man. Once my wife fully recovered after so many procedures from nearly death experience, and more than a month in the hospital, thanks to the great care she got from each of the staff at the hospital in Queens, New York, specially Dr. Wong and Dr. Sarita Khatri, who gone extra mile and left no stone unturned to treat her completely.

Once she got discharged from the hospital, I told her about my thoughts, feelings and the emptiness I was going through. She asked me what I have in mind and I told her that I want to live for larger purpose. I told her that god has given us another chance then why not do something for others. I told her that I want to start a nonprofit and live for helping others rest of my life.  She said I am with you. Let’s do something great! and in that moment Charitnation was founded! to help others and live for others.

I feel helping others can bring us happiness, peace, and fulfilment and an unquenchable desire to not only demonstrate altruism but to cultivate it, promote it and hopefully inspire others too. Have you ever heard of a French phrase ‘vivre pour les autres’ In simple words it means to ‘live for others’It is from this phrase the word altruism is originated?

I have got my larger purpose to live for others!

Amit Sachdeva

Founder, Charitnation

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