Charitnation launches the campaign "Let's fight Period Poverty - Donate-a-pad", committing menstrual hygiene for underprivileged girls and women during COVID-19

Women have been getting their periods since the dawn of time and it's still an issue millions of people don't like to talk about. It seems to make people squeamish or uncomfortable or whatever. But right now in this Covid-19 Pandemic Corona Lockdown, at this very moment, hundreds of millions of women and girls are menstruating in India but they do not have money to buy Sanitary Pads.


They do not have jobs and many of them are struggling for food and other basic needs and buying a Sanitary Pad is out of their limits and poor menstrual hygiene can cause physical health risks for them, which has been linked to reproductive and urinary tract infections, according to UNICEF. For some women it's a bit of an inconvenience, but for many of them it's an issue that holds them back in life, because period poverty is real and it's happening everywhere, at this very hour.


Charitnation under its Covid-19 humanitarian efforts launches "Let's fight Period Poverty - Donate a Pad" campaign committing menstrual hygiene for underprivileged girls and women. Please come forward and be part of our initiative by contributing for a Sanitary Pad, you may give for one pad or a pack of pads, it will make a difference in many lives. #LetsFightPeriodPoverty #DonateaPad